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HAWHigh Activity Waste
HAWHeavy Anti-armor Weapon
HAWHoming All the Way
HAWHeavy Antitank/Assault Weapon
HAWHigh-Accuracy Weapon
HAWHigh Acid Waste
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PERSONAL THERAPY: The finished work which helped dad Tony Haw cope with his loss
Superintendent Peter Terry, describing his difficulties in negotiating with Mr Haw, had reported that "whenever I do speak to Brian Haw, he stands and shouts at me".
Mr Haw has also been told he must the use the megaphone in a restricted area "as defined by the police".
Like The Carol Burnett Show, HEE HAW is one of the true long-lasting variety shows of our time.
Unsightly mess': Peace campaigner Brian Haw, who is camping out in Parliament Square.
Mr Haw, whose epic peace protest has been the subject of a long-running legal wrangle, brought an application under the Police Property Act yesterday demanding the return of a container load of placards, banners and three valuable pieces by the guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy which had formed part of his Parliament Square encampment.
The council refused, and Mr Haw launched judicial review proceedings in the High Court.
Mr Haw, 57, told Bow Street magistrates he could not enter a plea because police had "stolen" the placards he intends to use as evidence.
There was an innocence to ``Hee Haw,'' a gee-whiz look at the world from the point of view of a country bumpkin - who proved not to be so dumb, after all.
We find the vineyard and microclimate that works the best for that varietal and work with the grower to monitor and ensure the best growing conditions," says John Haw, Maryhill's winemaker.
ADRIAN Goldberg describes Brian Haw, the so called anti-war campaigner, as the conscience of Britain (Mail July 23).
The Crown Prosecution Service is seeking to challenge a court ruling in favour of Parliament Square anti-war protester Brian Haw.