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HAWSHigh Altitude Warfare School (Pakistan Army)
HAWSHousing Authority of Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)
HAWSHounslow Animal Welfare Society (London, England, UK)
HAWSHartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (South Africa)
HAWSHave A Wonderful Summer
HAWSHawaiian Area Wideband System
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Looking at ResMac's position in mortgage lending, Haws points to his management style.
Up the straight Hee Haws Cantona continued to lead, but Noel Clifford's Ardfert Billy now got into top gear and Frances O'-Donnell's speedster got up on the line to shade it by a neck in 29.
For the last three years a chap by the name of Brian Haw has been peacefully protesting in front of the Palace of Westminster over the Government's policy in Iraq.
DEDICATED: Tony Haw (left) with daughters Debbie (far left) and Jennifer in happier times and (above) flashback to the Evening Telegraph feature published in April as a tribute three weeks after Mr Haw's death
However, Feder's tests show that early-to-bed, apple-eating flies prove less likely than the haw residents to snap out of their hibernation-like diapause during a burst of warm weather.
Using our VPN, we can easily broadcast security related software updates to our centers including virus signature updates, Microsoft security critical update patches, and Cisco security agent policies," said Haws.
filtered water, Haws has experienced an outpouring of interest from schools and businesses nationwide.
Haws, who is in his 60s, is in Germany being treated for cancer and his codemonstrator Barbara Tucker was told there would be no Court of Appeal challenge.
HEE HAWS BARNEY is not as badly injured as many feared when he trailed home in the first round of the Paddy Power Irish Derby at Shelbourne Park on Wednesday night, with trainer Andy Johnson yesterday reporting the two-yearold to have suffered a back injury, writes Jonathan Kay.
The truck's driver, Cory Haws, had been traveling north in the fast lane of the freeway when he lost consciousness.