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HAZANHazard Analysis
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Hazan was filmed shouting and verbally abusing the Palestinian families who were on their way to visit their loved ones in Israel's custody, sparking widespread condemnations.
You are not welcome here, you have to understand well, you raised your son to murder," Hazan says in the video.
Together with a group of right-wing Israelis, Hazan blocked the entrance to Nafha Prison, boarded the bus hurled abusive and degrading statements at the families and their detained relatives, vowing to do everything in his power to deny them further family visits to Israeli prisons.
Hazan responded from his Twitter account, saying "I accept the invitation of the Jordanian member of parliament to the meeting on the bridge.
In "Marcella and Me," Longboat Key's Victor Hazan shares intimate memories of the beginning and end of his life with his beloved wife.
During checking of security arrangements of imambargah Zenabia Green Town, imambargah Qaisar Ali Raiwind road and imambargah Baitul Hazan Wahdat Road, he ordered the officers to depute further force.
Hazan recalls that besides the typical life-threatening causes of shortness of breath (congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, acute coronary syndrome, and pneumothorax), he had to consider high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), an illness that is both common and unique to this environment.
Hazan was buried Sunday afternoon at the Holon military cemetery.
Reims mayor Adeline Hazan yesterday said the bodies of the two people killed were still under the rubble.
According to iconic colorist Rita Hazan, who has styled Beyonce and Katy Perry, coloring hair is a big moment in a woman's life as it gives out the message - "I'm growing.
Abu Hazan, the father of one of the participants, said, that a "gathering of this kind will help children share their imagination with others.
Celebrity hair colorist and creator of the latest hair color trend, Rita Hazan has launched this season's must-have hair product.