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HAZCHEMHazardous Chemicals
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The Hazchem Network's managing director, Ali Karim, said: "Firms transporting hazardous material have to undergo an onsite audit and checks.
A total of 23 vehicles were stopped and were subject to scrutiny in respect of traffic offences including tachograph, drivers' hours and vehicle identification as well as hazchem legislation and identity checks.
1 We are expanding the same-day and Hazchem services, we believe there is enough scope within the geography that we cover to expand in a managed way.
Contract awarded for implementation of hazchem within land systems division
The business now boasts 32 staff and is a founder member of the nationwide Hazchem and Pallet Networks, delivering goods across the UK and Ireland.
Representatives from 25 chemical and manufacturing firms from across the North-east attended the free Hazchem workshop which was held at Carlton House in Newton Aycliffe last week.
Nicholson's Transport is the only North-east haulier licensed by the Hazchem Network to carry hazardous and dangerous goods and chemicals.
The Hazchem and Pallet Networks, nationwide schemes now involving more than 100 businesses, encourage companies to share loads for greater efficiency.
Billingham-based Nicholson Transport is a founder member of both the Pallet and Hazchem Networks, which charges firms for space taken on shared truckloads.