HAZCOMHazard Communication
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Because chemical manufacturers were responsible for writing MSDSs for hazardous substances covered under HAZCOM, CMA understood the issues involved in the controversy and was in a position to propose solutions.
In Section 2, "Composition/Information on Ingredients," the MSDS writer lists all the ingredients that contribute to the hazards of the material or that otherwise meet the OSHA HAZCOM criteria of a hazardous ingredient.
HAZCOM training and books on site to identifying hazardous materials and treatment for exposure to them.
The HAZCOM Kit for Hazardous Communication Compliance ($68.
He followed through on the procurement of this equipment and redesigned his HAZCOM, Lock-out/Tag- out, and Confine d Space programs to support the new equipment.
The first one is a workplace-specific HAZCOM Training Program on the chemical hazards peculiar to all operations conducted by the Fuels Management Flight.