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HAZEHangtown Association of Zymurgy Enthusiasts (homebrew club)
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Endeavoring to orient himself, as a surveyor or navigator might say, the man moved his eyes slowly along its visible length and at a distance of a quarter-mile to the south of his station saw, dim and gray in the haze, a group of horsemen riding to the north.
And still the silent battalions moved slowly forward in the haze.
After a time, and before they reached the sinking cloud bank, the warships turned northward, and then abruptly went about and passed into the thickening haze of evening south- ward.
Then suddenly out of the golden haze of the sunset came the vibration of guns, and a form of black shadows moving.
As I brushed aside the haze and she was truly seen for the first time, she raised her head, like one caught, and gazed at me with meek affrighted eyes.
At intervals a couple would approach the doorway for air, and the haze no longer veiling their features, the demigods resolved themselves into the homely personalities of her own next-door neighbours.
On the left the low-lying land stretched in a dim haze, rising here and there into a darker blur which marked the higher capes and headlands.
The seaman shaded his eyes with his hand, and gazed earnestly through the haze and spray.
From hilltops we saw fair green valleys lying spread out below, with streams winding through them, and island groves of trees here and there, and huge lonely oaks scattered about and casting black blots of shade; and beyond the valleys we saw the ranges of hills, blue with haze, stretching away in billowy per- spective to the horizon, with at wide intervals a dim fleck of white or gray on a wave-summit, which we knew was a castle.
The marsh was steaming in the strong sun, and the outline of the Spy-glass trembled through the haze.
Purple Haze Properties last year provided an opportunity to producers, cultivators, cannabis license holders and investors to produce Jimi Hendrix-related products with the launch of Jimi's Cannabis Collection.
Through qualitative inquiry, Waldron and Kowalski (2009) articulated descriptions of hazing from hazing perpetrators and provided initial insight into the individual reasons that veterans haze (e.