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HAZUSHazards United States (FEMA)
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HAZUS is a complex method of estimation of seismic damage, presented in the form of software.
Source FEMA Publication 366, HAZUS MH Estimated Annualized Earthquake
The HAZUS model overestimated wind gusts for Ivan as it tracked over Alabama.
The HAZUS system can specify areas of potential or actual damage and degree of damage in areas as small as the census track level based on the magnitude of the seismic activity and information that has been input into the system on building inventory.
FEMA deploys HAZUS (hazards-United States) to manage a nationally relevant, standardized methodology that contains models for estimating potential losses from earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.
13) FEMA Publication 366, HAZUS MH Estimated Annualized Earthquake Losses for the United States (April 2008), at http://www.
The use of the HAZUS software package to model dam break scenarios is a new function.
The HAZUS methodology (FEMA, 2003) uses this approach, and this is used as the basis for many studies both within and outside the US.
Charles Kircher, Principal at Charles Kircher & Associates and a key developer of HAZUS.
These functions could be used to develop a loss estimation methodology for tsunami risk similar to HAZUS developed for seismic risk.
The firm will determine whether a national hurricane model can be leveraged or adapted from existing models, such as the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model and the HAZUS model.
The building damage estimate uses HAZUS, a program developed by the National Institute of Building Standards for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.