HBAIHouseholds Below Average Income
HBAIHealth and Behavior Assessment and Intervention (Medicare; US DHHS)
HBAIHome Builders Association of Iowa
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The HBAI, a chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, serves as the strategic ambassador between homebuilders and legislators.
Todays HBAI report shows, for example, that more than half of children living in workless households were living in relative poverty in 2014-15 (57%).
The HBAI shows that the risk of being in relative poverty is much higher for workless households compared to working households, 59% compared to 13%.
The HBAI report released today provides further detail on the income of pensioners.
Broader measures of child poverty Material deprivation and Persistent low income (%) poverty (%) 1998/9 21 1993-1996 17 1994-1997 17 1995-1998 17 1996-1999 17 1997-2000 17 1998-2001 17 1999-2002 16 2004/5 17 2000-2003 14 2005/6 16 2001-2004 12 2006/7 16 2002-2005 11 2007/8 17 2003-2006 10 2008/9 17 2004-2007 10 2009/10 16 2005-2008 12 Source: DWP HBAI Statistics (2011), the material deprivation figure for 1998/9 is from Waldfogel (2011).
Although there is no official poverty line in the UK - indeed the HBAI report always refers to 'low income', and never to 'poverty' - half the average income is used as the poverty line by many commentators.
Source: authors' calculations from DSS HBAI micro-data files (see text).
Johnson, Martin Ravallion, and Tony Shorrocks for their comments, and the DSS for the HBAI micro-data.
The two tallest people in the 1990/91 HBAI data set are almost 30 yards high.
For example, the DSS's HBAI reports emphasize that the people in the poorest income groups in 1979 may not be the same people in the poorest groups a decade later and that, to examine income changes for the former group, longitudinal income histories are required.
The HBAI micro data were supplied by the Analytical Services Division, Department of Social Security.