HBCCHeatsink Bottom Chip Carrier
HBCCHobsons Bay City Council (Victoria, Australia)
HBCCHosted Bus Controller Chip (Ford networking specification)
HBCCHill Brothers Chemical Company (est. 1923; Orange, CA)
HBCCHome Based Child Care (in-home day care services)
HBCCHale Barns Cricket Club (UK)
HBCCHistorically Black Collegiate Coalition
HBCCHome Brew Computer Club
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Council libraries then took the decision to merge the library data from the amalgamated councils into the system installed at the Hervey Bay Library by HBCC.
Rather than apply the review report's recommendations, restructures within both USQ and HBCC introduced new management foci and a shift in the vision for the services.
Community opposition to a two week loan trial has resulted in separate two and three week loan periods for USQ and HBCC items.
Equally important however has been the flexibility, lateral thinking and determination of the HBCC executive officer library services and the USQ campus librarian to make the project work by working together in seeking solutions to unique problems.
Other important factors have been the resilience, adaptability and cooperation of the existing HBCC Library Services staff who have had to cope with a change in leadership and management practices, job redesign, an expansion of their client base to include USQ students and the move to new premises in the space of four months.
1 Membership will comprise three (3) nominees each from HBCC and USQ
1 Variation will be by way of negotiated changes approved and ratified by the appropriate authorities of the HBCC and USQ
1 HBCC will staff and operate the joint use library service in compliance with EEO and OH&S principles.
3 HBCC library staff are responsible to the Executive Officer, Library and Gallery Services.
1 In consideration of payment of an agreed fee, the HBCC library staff will be responsible for all aspects of loan services to USQ students and staff during normal opening hours.
From 1998, USQ will fund staffing hours based on the proportion of USQ / HBCC circulation transactions per staff hour spent on circulation functions.
4 The HBCC library staff will maintain and provide such statistics as required to measure performance.