HBE1Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
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com- posed of the genes HBE1 (MIM# 142100), HBG2(MIM# 142250), HBG1(MIM# 42200), HBD(MIM# 142000), and HBB (MIM# 141900),which encode the epsilon-, Ggamma-, Agamma-,delta-, and beta-globin polypeptides, respectively.
2, we conclude that qRT-PCR of HBE1 [4] (hemoglobin, epsilon 1) MLR data can be used to assess the likelihood of globin transcript interference in a sample set.
4 is a combined 1-D agglomerative cluster with experiments organized first into 3 groups by treatment (no mitigation, GLOBINclear, PBMCs) and then by HBE1 MLR, according to the no-mitigation protocol.