HBSWHospital Bed Safety Workgroup
HBSWHonours Bachelor of Social Work (Lakehead University; Canada)
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Braun: Can we expect additional resources from the HBSW in the near future?
HBSW plans to continue its work now that the FDA's guidance is available.
We also will consider available information from other HBSW members.
His involvement with the HBSW was critical in creating the recommendations concerning hospital bed dimensional criteria submitted for consideration as an FDA guidance document.
Bruley, along with other HBSW members, also was instrumental in developing a bed system measurement kit containing special testing tools and risk-assessment documents.
The HBSW Clinical Guidance for Assessment and Implementation of Bed Rails in Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities and Home Care Settings provides assessment guidance, (Available at: www.
The HBSW supplies sample data sheets that the nursing home may use or modify according to needs.