HCDRHigh Channel Density Receiver (Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.)
HCDRHerberger Center for Design Research (Arizona State University)
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This award is a result of this country s armed forces commitment to the superior capabilities of products like our Enhanced HCDR, and our pledge to deliver cutting-edge, ready-now solutions, said Chris Reith, the managing director of Exelis Defence Limited in Basingstoke, Hampshire, U.
The HCDR earlier said that the project has assigned a color code for each line through the city.
ITT has built the HCDR-M for maritime platforms, the HCDR-C for command-level appointments and the foundation HCDR.
This single-channel HCDR set covers the 30 MHz to 2 GHz range and provides 20 Watts of output power.
Britain has opted to embed its 3400 plus HCDRs across its tactical Internet with approximately one in six Bowman-equipped vehicles fielded with the HCDR.
Ibrahim bin Mohammad Al-Sultan, chief of the center of projects and planning at the HCDR, said the meeting discussed many topics, such as the development plan for Riyadh.
and HCDR, provide the only Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)
An American defense contractor will use Spectrum's flexComm HCDR (High Channel Density Receiver) subsystem in an airborne platform for signals intelligence (SIGINT).
Spectrum's HCDR is the first platform on which quicWave is being offered, and it will be offered on all future flexComm software defined radio platforms such as the SDR-3000.
Launched in 1997, it was revisited in 2006 due to delays (five years for Ground Mobile Radios, formerly Cluster 1, three years for Handheld, Manpack and Small form factors [HMS], formerly Cluster 5) and the urgent operational requirements for Afghanistan and Iraq (which led the Pentagon to carry on with legacy HCDRs for deployed forces).