HCEHighly Compensated Employee
HCEHalo Combat Evolved
HCEHalo Custom Edition (game)
HCEHere Comes Everybody (from Finnegan's Wake)
HCEHexachloroethane (CAS Number 67-72-1)
HCEHealth Care of the Elderly
HCEHome & Community Education
HCEHawaiian Creole English
HCEHealth Care Experience
HCEHeat Collection Element (solar power)
HCEHyper-Cerebral Electrosis
HCEHot Carrier Effect
HCEHeater Control Electronics
HCEHypertext Cultural Experiences (Venice, Italy)
HCEHuman Caused Error
HCEHobie Cat Europe
HCEHardware Configuration Engineer
HCEHarmonie des Chemins de fer d'Epernay (Epernay Railway Wind Orchestra)
HCEHydrocarbon Expelled
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HCE managing director Jubran Abdulrahman said the iTECH Awards recognise as well as appreciate how far the GCC has moved up the ladder in being informed of today's world of technology.
com or under the organisers HCE website http://hilalce.
MyOrder is an impressive example of how flexibly and easily secure cloud-based payments can be implemented in any existing mobile app with our HCE Software Development Kit.
YellowPepper will expand its existing product line to include HCE technology.
HCE managing director Jubran Abdulrahman lauded the Premier for his patronage, hailing the government's support as a catalyst that energised the economic development march.
The build up to Mobile World Congress is also seeing technology providers announce their support for HCE based cloud payments, including a solution developed by m-commerce platform provider Proxama and security specialist Cry ptomothic.
We applaud Google for their efforts in opening up the mobile NFC market by implementing host-based card emulation in the latest release of the Android operating system, but HCE is only a part of the solution for enabling high-value NFC-initiated transactions, said Andre Boysen, executive vice president of marketing for SecureKey.
HCE managing director Jubran Abdulrahman said: "Based on the feedback we have received in the weeks following the exhibitions from exhibitors and visitors, the three-show formula has been an unqualified success.
Crodafos HCE (oleth-5 phosphate (and) dioleyl phosphate) employs coacervation technology to ensure targeted delivery of the conditioning polymer to the hair, according to the company.
Outdoor training specialist HCE Adventure has expanded its training activities by opening a conference centre north of Cardiff in the rural setting of Creigiau.
Oakton, VA-based energy company HCE, LLC recently announced it has filed for patent protection on a new hydrogen storage concept centered around a device that creates nanometer-scale water bubbles filled with hydrogen gas.
The HCE cannot exceed more than 125% of the average percentage of 401K contributions from the Non-HCE employees.