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HCHHatch (Amtrak station code; Hatch, NM)
HCHHealth Care for the Homeless
HCHHospital Cayetano Heredia (Peruvian hospital)
HCHHand Chain Hoist
HCHHoly Cross Hospital
HCHNational Health Care for the Homeless Council
HCHHome Care Hospice (various locations)
HCHHuntsman Cancer Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT)
HCHHerbert Clark Hoover (31st President of the USA)
HCHHighline Community Hospital
HCHHalogenated Cyclic Hydrocarbons
HCHHemi-Cellulose Hydrolysis
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HCH has built a strict management system and obtained customers' consistent evaluation by the advanced manufacturing techniques, self-contained processing measure and perfect after-sales service.
HCH has a department-based peer review process with no central review committee.
The financial results of HCH will no longer be consolidated in the financial statements of the Group.
Mr Little said HCH Ltd, which had conducted resident surveys, was now standing aside because of a lack of 'meaningful' communication from HVPC.
The concentrations of PCB and its congeners, HCB, PeCB, HCH, DDT, PBDE, and PCN in the Estonian ambient air were very low, but they allow tracking transboundary air pollution carried into the country.
In many countries, the pesticide has been banned but due to lax rules and regulations, HCH is still used," Lal said.
ICE operates the London-based ICE Clear Europe, with HCH representing ICE's first continental European clearing house.
Nao existe uma solucao tecnologica especifica para a remediacao de areas contaminadas por organoclorados porque, frequentemente, o HCH e acompanhado de outros compostos clorados oriundos dos solventes utilizados na producao de pesticidas (Cunha, Ruiz & Teixeira, 2010).
The first group served as control (C) and fed orally with corn oil, group 2 ([gamma]-HCH) rats treated with single dose of HCH (12 mg/kg, orally), 24 h prior to decapitation, group 3 ([[omega].
The compounds detected were HCH (the isomers [alpha]-, [beta]-, [gamma]-, HCH).
The use of organochlorine pesticides at the national level is regulated by the Official Catalogue of Pesticides (CICOPLAFEST 1998), which establishes that the banned compounds are aldrin, dieldrin, and endrin; among the restricted ones are DDT, HCH and Lindane ([gamma]-HCH).
Summary data on HCH concentration in the air and in depositions [1] Latitude Station Air (pg/[m.