HCIAHyper Converged Infrastructure Appliance
HCIAHudson County Improvement Authority (New Jersey)
HCIAHawaii Crop Improvement Association
HCIAHague Convention on Intercountry Adoption
HCIAHealth Care Investment Analysts, Inc. (est. 1985; Evanston, IL)
HCIAHealth Care Industries Association
HCIAHungarian Chemical Industry Association
HCIAHazardous Chemicals Information Act
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HCIA cites lowered pesticide use, down by 380 million pounds globally from 1996 to 2004, as a key benefit to biotechnology.
The source of data is the Medicare Cost Report Data and the data were provided by HCIA, Inc.
HCIA and Ernst and Young: A Comprehensive Review of Hospital Finances in the Aftermath of the Balance Budget Act of 1997.
Ernst & Young and HCIA report that Medicare, enacted in 1965, has become the largest public pay source for health care services.
HCIA, a Baltimore-based health care information company, has enhanced its ability to evaluate outcomes for specific specialties.
Data from InterStudy [1994] and HCIA [1993] are used to assess the relationship between HMOs offering multiple products and the premium per member month.
NDC), Shared Medical (SMS), Superior Consultant (SUPC), Medical Manage r (MMGR), IDX Systems (IDXC), Physician Computer Network (PCNIE), Medaphis (MEDA) , HCIA (HCIA), QuadraMed (QMDC).
Separate analyses and summary data from HCIA confirmed that this subsample is representative of the population across the independent and dependent measures.
LOS data for Medicare patients admitted to 84 Massachusetts hospitals in 1994 was purchased from HCIA Inc.
Morrissey describes an extensive study conducted by HCIA, a Baltimore-based information company, and William Mercer, a New York-based HR management consulting firm.