HCMOSHigh Density Cmos
HCMOSHigh Speed Cmos
HCMOSHigh-Density Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
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The R1800/R3800 series HCMOS clock oscillators permit the design of high frequency circuit boards that operate from a single 1.
Valpey Fisher Corporation (AMEX:VPF) has launched a new series of 5X7 mm Surface Mount HCMOS 1.
Fox Electronics (Fort Myers, FL) offers HCMOS oscillators.
The Pocket Reference Oscillator (PRO Series) is the industry's first frequency control product to integrate a complete HCMOS crystal clock oscillator in a rugged SMA housing.
To help manage the rapidly growing complexity of SoC test within our design flows, we require a standardized IP test methodology across all of our design groups," said Sylvain Kritter, HCMOS design platform director, STMicroelectronics' Central R&D.
5 V, Fox Electronics' F540 Series HCMOS oscillators exhibit stabilities of 15 ppm (F547), 10 ppm (F549) and 8 ppm (F54S) with phase noise of-140 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and a jitter period of 3 ps rms.
3 V HCMOS oscillator is available in frequency stabilities of [+ or -]100, [+ or -]50, [+ or -]25, and [+ or -]20 ppm and in frequency ranges from 1.
The Pb-free RoHS-compliant devices perform with a LVCMOS or HCMOS output logic and jitter of <1 pS rms over voltages of 3.
The model 357 surface-mount voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) features a frequency signal output that will interface with HCMOS electronic circuitry.
Because logic-level interfacing can be done with CMOS or HCMOS, the devices are intended to work with most motor types, depending on the programming of the DSP.
3V DC Output Logic/ CMOS squarewave HCMOS Signal Other Specs Load: T1220: 15 pF; * Rise/fall time (10% to 90% T1221: 10 pF/10 k[ohm] of of supply voltage); 4 nSec * Symmetry (50% of waveform): 40%/60% (45%/ 55% optional) * Start-up time: 10 mSec.