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5 km of priority national roads identified in the NTDP, 2006-2010 of the HCRN, with design considerations for all road users including pedestrians and public motor vehicles; (ii) maintenance arrangements for 200 km of the HCRN; (iii) improved capacity of the NRA to plan and manage long-term road maintenance contracts; (iv) more efficient DOW capable of implementing and delivering road improvements with attention to safeguards capacity, an improved asset management system of the HCRN and consulting support to pilot community-based road maintenance; and (v) improved road safety capacity of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC).
There is a need to (i) initiate a program of regular maintenance on all HCRN roads that are in good condition, and (ii) improve those HCRN roads that are in a poor condition and ensure that routine maintenance begins on these roads as soon as the improvement works are done.
The investment program will include (i) projects to improve about 1,400 km of the HCRN, to be funded through four or more tranches under this multitranch financing facility (MFF); (ii) design and supervision of road improvement works, preparation and administration of long-term road maintenance contracts for the entire 2,500 km of the HCRN, and capacity development of road agencies; and (iii) monitoring the socioeconomic benefits of the improved and maintained roads in the Highlands region.