HCRPHarvard College Research Program
HCRPHealth Care Reform Panel (Louisiana)
HCRPHillsborough County Republican Party
HCRPHardcopy Cable Replacement Profile
HCRPHardcore Role Playing
HCRPHarvard Civil Rights Project
HCRPHarris County Republican Party (Houston, TX)
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Wang to the HCRP team, as he will be a powerful addition to the existing depth and expertise of our investment team," said Dr.
Decodes Baseband, LMP, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM, TCS, OBEX, HDLC, PPP, BNEP, HID, AT Commands, HCI UART (H4), BCSP (BlueCore Serial Protocol), HCI, TCP/IP, AVCTP, AVDTP and HCRP.
HCRP is the latest printing specification developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, and is designed to standardize and improve the way documents are printed over a Bluetooth wireless communications link.
HCRP provides significant advantages compared with existing proprietary Bluetooth printing methods by providing greatly enhanced status and control capabilities, including the ability for a client device to receive notifications from the printer and to reset the printer.
The TROY Wireless HCRP implementation includes all of the mandatory and optional features of the specification except for scanner support.
We are one of the first companies to ship HCRP, and we believe that we have the most complete implementation available.
Bluetooth products for Windows PC and WinCE Pocket PC operating systems supporting the Bluetooth printing profiles BPP and HCRP are available from WIDCOMM.
It supports many profiles, including DUN, PAN, FAX, HCRP, and Bluetooth hardware, such as USB dongle, PCMCIA Card and CF Card.