HCZHarlem Children's Zone (New York, NY)
HCZHockey Club Zevenbergen (Zevenbergen, Netherlands)
HCZHigh Conductivity Zone (geology)
HCZHulda Clark Zapper (experimental treatment device)
HCZHypertrophic Cell Zone
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Geoffrey the president and CEO of HCZ, who is committed to the cause of holistic education was in Dubai in the month of July survey and observe the pattern and programme of education at GEM's schools.
org/news/articles/4017/ is-the-promise-real/2; Musician Prince Announces 1 Million HCZ Donation, HARLEM CHILDREN'S ZONE, http://www.
Similarly, adding a large particle pre-filter to the HCZ PAC did not modify the CADR values significantly, although it slightly improved the SPE values.
Additional HCZ programs include a preschool, asthma and obesity initiatives, and two Promise Academy charter schools, serving 1,400 lottery-selected kids from kindergarten through high school.
Designed to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, HCZ provides a critical mass of children in a 97-block area of Central Harlem in New York City with a comprehensive pipeline of social, health, educational and community-building programs and services from birth through college.
Academics with high university overhead rates that approach HCZ to propose research partnerships are often rejected outright unless they are willing to pursue means to reduce the overhead dollars earmarked for the university.
of Education Arne Duncan; White House Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes; White House Office of Urban Affairs Director Adolfo Carrion; Children's Defense Fund President Marian Wright Edelman; American Express Chairman and CEO Kenneth Chenault; HCZ President and CEO Geoffrey Canada and PolicyLink CEO Angela Glover Blackwell.
a Harvard economist and his colleague, Will Dobbie, revealed that HCZ students made "enormous" gains in student achievement.
Moreover, outcome studies demonstrate that students participating in HCZ charter schools have effectively closed the achievement gap between themselves and the average White student matriculating in New York City Public Schools (Dobbie & Fryer, 2009).
Even before the Department of Education released the first RFPs for the Promise Neighborhoods Initiative, a federal program designed to replicate the HCZ nationwide, Social Solutions has been a trusted source of information on how to make performance management and data sharing work in the collaborative, wrap-around services environment of Promise Neighborhoods.
Currently, HCZ Promise Academy I consists of three schools including the elementary, K-3, led by Ms.
Talaris has delivered over 1,000 Parenting Counts materials, with a total value of nearly $40,000, to the HCZ in order to advance the organizations' shared commitment to improving the lives and future of children and families.