HDARHungarian Democratic Alliance of Romania
HDARHawaii Division of Aquatic Resources
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Two longline CPUE indices for 1987-89 were calculated, one from HDAR data, and another from NMFS estimates (e.
HDAR data summaries for the troll and handline fisheries from 1970 to 1991 were used to calculate CPUE time series for these fisheries (e.
HDAR data summaries included each unique date of landing for each unique license number in the records as a trip if any pelagic species were caught.
Yellowfin tuna CPUE based on HDAR longline data declined from 1980-87, recovering somewhat in 1988-89.
We thank Reggie Kokubun of HDAR for producing the data summaries for Hawaii's longline, troll, and handline fisheries for 1970-91.
Yuen(9) reported that the longline fleet in Honolulu numbered 15 in 1977, and by 1983 HDAR records showed only 13 registered longline vessels (10 in Honolulu).
The decline in vessels corresponded with the declining trend in longline landings reported to HDAR between 1954 and 1982 (Fig.
The RAX HDAR can even run several separate animation harvests of differing formats concurrently.
RAX HDAR also enables frame accurate-gamma correction--an important feature when dealing with both computer and video monitors.
Hardware: The RAX HDAR is based on Intergraph's Wahoo
The HDAR began reducing the backlog of landings reports and completed the WPACFIN-funded "Hawaii fisheries statistics system design study" (1984).
The American Samoa DMWR, CNMI DFW, and Guam DOC offices followed the WPACFIN standard almost exclusively in their expansion efforts, but the Guam DAWR office chose to use the Apple Macintosh system and the HDAR office expanded in several directions simultaneously: into direct use of the IBM mainframe, a newly installed State WANGNET minicomputer system, and into increased use of both Macintosh and IBM-compatible microcomputers.