HDCCHawaiian Dredging Construction Company (Honolulu, HI)
HDCCHouse Democratic Campaign Committee (political group; various locations)
HDCCHalf-Duplex Cooperative Channels
HDCCHarley-Davidson Credit Corp. (Carson City, NV)
HDCCHigh Desert Christian College (Oregon)
HDCCHerndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce (Herndon, VA)
HDCCHealth Decisions Community Council (est. 1991; Arizona Health Decisions; Prescott, AZ)
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Based on the blinded manufacturer reports as well as additional literature summary, the Sierra Research report concluded that vehicles equipped with close-coupled catalysts or HDCC catalysts appear to be affected more frequently than under-floor catalysts, and that exhaust system geometry and exhaust gas dynamics play a role in plugging.
Afton also pointed out that other factors can contribute to catalyst plugging besides MMT, and that HDCC catalysts are susceptible to plugging by other causes.
Afton also stated that Sierra Research's conclusion regarding MMT being incompatible with HDCC catalysts is unwarranted.
The SPEs were created for the purpose of establishing more favorable pricing for HDCC, and they were only permitted to securitize HDCC loans;
The SPEs had no employees of their own but acted entirely through HDCC employees;
HDCC exercised significant control over the SPEs: HDCC selected the pools of loans to securitize, undertook collection activities on the SPE loans, and provided the employee who visited California over a total of 17 days to work on the auctions involving HD motorcycles.
They may not be used, copied or altered without prior express permission by HDCC.
Disclaimer - Please note that HDCC disclaims any liability, expressed or implied, for any direct, indirect, secondary, consequential, or exceptional damages arising out of or in any way associated with actions taken on the basis of the information available in this circular and or the website.
A systematic review approach was developed to search, select, and examine peer-reviewed literature on the HDCC.
HDCC scholarship covers research that examines how human systems (such as communities, businesses, regions, and states) are affected by and respond to climate change now and will do so in the future.
Scientific publishing on HDCC in Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut has expanded rapidly over the last decade, making this region one of the most intensively studied in the world.
Legal Structure Integrity: The legal structure of the transaction should provide that a bankruptcy of HDCC would not impair the timeliness of payments on the securities.