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HDL-CHigh Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol
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Decreased HDL-C levels are often associated with increased atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk.
The study, which pooled six population-based cohorts in the United States, included 31,843 adults for whom there were baseline HDL-C levels and at least two longitudinally collected spirometry readings.
The criteria consist of 5 components of MetS namely abdominal obesity (Waist circumference in males >102cm and in females >88cm), raised TG (>150mg/dl], low HDL-C (in males <40mg/dl and in females <50mg/dl], raised blood pressure ([greater than or equal to] 130/85mmHg] and impaired blood glucose ([greater than or equal to] 110mg/dl].
In men, HDL-C levels correlated directly with 4-minute fast walking speed, 400-meter walking speed, and knee-extension torque, the report indicates, whereas in women, HDL-C levels correlated significantly only with knee extension torque.
9%) of the initial Seralyzer HDL-C measures were within [+ or -] 0.
While many clinical trials have supported the role of HDL-C in reducing risks associated with heart disease, to date, these trials have been limited in terms of patient numbers," said Mark McGovern, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Furthermore, people with Tangier disease [who lack ATP-binding cassette transporter 1 (ABCA1), a key first step in cholesterol export from cells] have very low HDL-C concentrations and accumulate cholesterol-laden macrophages in many different tissues (10, 11).
Niaspan is the most potent, patient friendly pharmaceutical therapy available for increasing HDL-C," stated Adrian Adams, President and CEO of Kos.
Although epidemiologic studies have shown that low HDL-C is a negative risk factor, raising HDL-C pharmacologically has not been definitively established to protect against ischemic heart disease (IHD) (5, 7).
We analyzed a specimen from a 69-year-old man, using a direct HDL-C assay, and obtained a value that was less than the 40 mg/L detection limit of the assay.
The French approval brings Niaspan, which treats a broad range of lipid disorders, most especially by raising HDL-C, to yet another major market in Europe and represents an additional significant milestone in continuing successes for Kos," stated Adrian Adams, President and CEO of Kos.