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HDMLHandheld Device Markup Language
HDMLHugo Dunhill Mailing Lists (sales; New York, NY)
HDMLHarbour Defence Motor Launch (small motor vessel; UK)
HDMLHandset Device Markup Language (Sprint PCS)
HDMLHierarchical Data Manipulation Language (databases)
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Today, HDML is well entrenched and, Simpson says, because of the lag time between new phone designs and the actual shipping of the phones (18 months), WAP implementation itself has been slow this year.
The WAP specification renames HDML as WML (Wireless Markup Language).
CustomWeather's geo-coded data feeds are available in desirable formats such as XML, WML, HDML and ASCII.
Stellent's Outside In Wireless Export technology offers application developers and service providers on-demand conversion of more than 225 file types to WML, cHTML/iMode, HDML, HTML, AvantGo HTML, WCA HTML 1.
TrafficMobile is built on MobileGates' proprietary technology platform called IVR (interactive voice response) Mobile, a cutting-edge voice powered GPS (global positioning system) system that provides highly personalized, real-time information delivered via SMS (short message service) or customizable menus (WML, HDML, XML, etc.