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HDML was originally intended for various types of mobile computing devices, including phones.
Clickmarks' Instant Wireless Publisher currently supports Palm III, V and VII; Windows CE (Pocket PC); and HDML, WAP, I-mode and J-phone cellular phones.
quServe supports the delivery of wireless games and entertainment services across a variety of mobile terminals, using SMS, WML, HDML, HTML and other emerging standards.
The introduction of HDML, CDPD, WAP and short messaging as well as i-mode have already begun to attract large numbers of users.
TrafficMobile is built on MobileGates' proprietary technology platform called IVR (interactive voice response) Mobile, a cutting-edge voice powered GPS (global positioning system) system that provides highly personalized, real-time information delivered via SMS (short message service) or customizable menus (WML, HDML, XML, etc.
All touch points, including WAP phones, HDML phones, handhelds, laptops and desktops will have access to business data.
An HDML or WML site usually consists only of text and is accessible through the MiniBrowser in a phone.