HDMOHeavy Duty Motor Oil (Chevron)
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Most of the PCMOs and top grade HDMOs use viscosity grade improvers in their formulations.
The report also gives an overview of different function class and chemical class of HDMO additives such as dispersants, antioxidants, and detergents.
In order to meet the API CJ-4 category, ten engine sequence tests and seven bench tests are required-more than any previous HDMO category.
With another HDMO category update expected in 2010, lubricant marketers and additive marketers must be prepared to actively seek ways to improve their competitive position.
Moreover, there will be a shift to better-quality HDMO types.
This is driving a shift from PCMO to HDMO in the commercial on-highway sector across the country.
The growing demand for higher-quality HDMO puts the major multinational manufacturers at an advantage in supplying this market.
Over the past year, basestock prices have gone up by about 40 cents a gallon, but PCMO and HDMO prices have not gone up nearly as much, so the price spread has fallen by 30 cents a gallon," says Phadke.
Downey, vice president of Kline's Petroleum & Energy Practice, "The new organization is well positioned to meet the upcoming specification changes in the PCMO and HDMO segments.
Castrol was acquired by BP in July 2000 and has given BP a major position in PCMO, HDMO, and industrial lubricants.