HDMSHealth Data Management Solutions
HDMSHipath Domain Management System
HDMSHellenic Data Management Symposium
HDMSHealth Data Management Solutions (Chicago, IL)
HDMShexamethyldisilazane (hydrophobic substance)
HDMSHead Down, Mouth Shut
HDMSHer Danish Majesty's Ship
HDMSHizbia Digil Mirifle Somali (Somalian political organization)
HDMSHigh Density Modem System
HDMSHonorable Discharge, Medical Survey
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Using Waters' TriWave technology, Synapt HDMS systems combine high-efficiency, ion mobility-based measurements and separations with high-performance quadrupole TOF mass spectrometry.
The pitch and roll motion of the vessel used for mapping was corrected for using a TSS HDMS (heading and dynamic motion sensor) (pitch, roll and heading accuracy [+ or -] 0.
The crash happened opposite Danish boat HDMS Triton, currently moored on the Tyne.
HDMS Triton docked in the river for its 67-crew to take part in a special service at St Nicholas' Cathedral, in Newcastle, tomorrow.
The HDMS Absalon was designed by Danish Naval Material Command in cooperation with the Odense Staalskibsvaerft shipyard (Lindo, Denmark), which is also the main contractor for the ship.
The company's wholly owned subsidiary, HDMS -- Health Data Management Solutions -- provides data analytics and consulting services for payors, providers and suppliers nationwide.
HDMS Lindormen will be berthed alongside Inverness but will not be open to the public.
HDMS will integrate local, regional and national advertising programmes to provide a uniform message and it is anticipated that the agency will become involved in promotional work and events.
The users have to pass through two levels of security--first by the HDMS which will call them back, then a second password must be given to a Stratus computer to access PORTAL," says Gary DiNoia, programmer analyst at the NASDAQ computer center in Trumbull, Conn.
Caption: BELOW LEFT: HDMS Peter Willemoes is one of three Iver Huitfeldt-class air defence frigates, which are considered to be the most powerful ships in the Royal Danish Navy.
The Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt will be in Cyprus Wednesday for an afternoon meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades aboard the Danish frigate HDMS Esbern Snare anchored off the island's south coast.
MS analysis was performed on Q-TOF analyzer in SYNAPT HDMS system (Waters Corporation, Milford, MA, USA) in positive ion mode, using the following parameters: capillary voltage, 1000V; sample cone voltage, 40V: source temperature, 110 [degrees]C; desolva-tion temperature, 350 [degrees]C; desolvation gas flow, 750l/h; cone gas flow, 20l/h.