HDNLHome Delivery Network Limited (UK)
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We are working with HDNL to minimise compulsory redundancies as a result of this restructuring.
Our aim is to ensure that those people who are made redundant leave the business with the best chance of securing future employment and that HDNL is able to offer job security to all union members who remain with the company.
The decision follows a review by HDNL of its sorting capacity at its sites at Droitwich and Shaw, in Oldham.
The company said its Droitwich site, based at the Berryhill Industrial Estate in Westbank, cannot be expanded and as a result, HDNL has been carrying out an extensive search for appropriate alternative sites in the Midlands area.
HDNL uses thousands of Intermec CN3 rugged mobile devices to manage its deliveries and tracking requirements throughout the U.
The management of such a large number of mobile devices has always been a challenge for us, and with so many devices being used for such a wide range of mission-critical applications, it became overwhelming to manage all of the regular software updates," said Dave Picking, director of systems and integration for HDNL.
HDNL therefore decided to look for a mobile device management solution.