HDQHarmonic Differential Quadrature
HDQHanged Drawn and Quartered
HDQHung, Drawn & Quartered
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As the HDF-W30 shares its modular design, preview mode and ImagePRO scaling with our Barco HDX, HDF and HDQ projectors, it will be easy for us and for anyone renting the projectors to install, use and maintain them and exchange components, if needed.
Launched just last week, the 3-chip HDF-W30 FLEX projector is the latest addition to Barco s HDX, HDF and HDQ projector ranges.
The brand-new HDF-W30 FLEX shares its modular design, preview mode, and ImagePRO scaling with the other HDX, HDF, and HDQ family members, while offering Barco s unique flexible brightness.
Barco is the market leader in large venue projection and our HDX, HDF and HDQ projector platforms are renowned in the industry for their image quality, modularity, and reliability, comments Richard Marples, Barco s Strategic Marketing Director for Venues & Hospitality.
The 16 HDQ units will be combined with 16 HDX-W20 projectors to display the brightest images.
With our unique light-on-demand technology on the HDX, HDF and HDQ series, rental companies can standardize their fleet on a few projector models, tune the light output to the requirements of the event, and limit the running cost of their projector fleet.
In addition to all these features, from now on, the SENSIOA Autodetect and SENSIOA 3D Decoder technologies will be integrated in the Barco HDX, HDF and HDQ 3D card.
With 28 HDQ-2K40 projectors being used, the ESC 2013 will be the largest show with HDQs to date.