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HDRHigh Dynamic Range
HDRHigh Dose Rate
HDRHerr der Ringe (German: Lord of the Rings)
HDRHeavy Duty Rotary (machine tool)
HDRHickory Daily Record (Hickory, NC)
HDRHigh Data Rate
HDRHigher Degree Research (education)
HDRHigh Definition Recording
HDRHigh Definition Rendering
HDRHard Disk Recorder
HDRHost Data Replicator
HDRHigh Definition Range
HDRHigh Definition Resource
HDRHot Dry Rock
HDRHabilitations à Diriger des Recherches (French: Accreditation to Supervise Research; various universities)
HDRHigh Definition Radio
HDRHumanitarian Daily Ration
HDRHealth Data Repository
HDRHeavy Duty Repairman
HDRHenningson Durham and Richardson (Architecture and Engineering Firm)
HDRHigh-Definition Rendering
HDRHuman Dimensions Research
HDRHeissdampfreaktor (German: Hot Steam Reactor)
HDRHuman Development Resources
HDRHyper Dimensional Resonator
HDRHome Dockyard Regulations (US Navy)
HDRHard Drive Restore
HDRHighly Dent Resistant (trasnportation feature)
HDRHigh Desert Roundup (California)
HDRHelp Desk Request
HDRHigh Dose Remote Afterloading
HDRHuman Developments Report
HDRHardware Design Review
HDRHemispherical Dielectric Resonator
HDRHistorical Data Record
HDRHardware Development Requirements
HDRHybrid Detail Record
HDRHalf-sized Diazo Reproducible drawing
HDRHost Data Replication (SNA Server)
HDRHalf-Duplex Relay
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This may not even matter to many, but the truth is that actual HDR content can be brighter and more vibrant than what you see on HDR Pro.
HDR Effect tool for Mac helps you create stunning HD quality images without being a professional photographer/designer.
The genotypes and auditory phenotypes of these familial HDR syndrome cases were summarized.
Most Amazon Prime and Netflix content is now produced in 4K, with Netflix adding 600 hours of 4K content by the end of 2016 and Amazon amassing over 175 hours of UHD plus HDR programming including car show The Grand Tour.
The biggest barrier to entry: To fully enjoy the new HDR discs, consumers must own both a new disc player and new TV set, the latter of which is priced in the $3,000-$6,000 range.
ProCamera 8 + HDR provides exceptional HDR, which is high dynamic range and involves the camera simultaneously taking three photos at different exposures and then automatically combining the best parts of each into a single vivid image.
In the team time trials HDR secured enough points to take a podium place with third overall.
This is an exciting announcement for both HDR and TMK and a key part of our global strategy," says Doug Wignall, president of HDR Architecture.
HDR imagery delivers the wide range of light intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to details of dark shade.
The DSX Series options include Super HDR software, an anti-halation adapter (DSX100 only), and the DSX100 motorized stage combination.
The HDR book; unlocking the pro's hottest post-processing techniques.
THE HDR BOOK: UNLOCKING THE PROS' HOTTEST POST-PROCESSING TECHNIQUES features interviews with working HDR photographers and goes beyond the usual 'how to' manual to explore projects that show how subtle differences in different scenarios affect post-processing approaches.