HDRFHubbard Dianetic Research Foundation (Elizabeth, NJ)
HDRFHeavy Drop Rigging Facility
HDRFHeavy Duty Return Flange (cable management sytems)
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Rubella and HSV were not predominant in any HDRF cases.
It is evident that maternal infections play a critical role in pregnancy loss and their occurrence in patients with HDRF is a significant factor.
The present study shows seropositivity rate of 27% for CMV specific IgM in women with HDRF.
Seropositivity rate of HSV Ig M among the HDRF patients in our study was 14%, while HSV in asymptomatic women with recurrent infection during pregnancy was found to be 2% previously.
Seropositivity rate for HSV Ig M among HDRF patients in our study was 14%, similar to what has been reported in other study (26).