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HDRPHealth Disparities Reduction Program (Michigan Department of Community Health)
HDRPHeavy-Duty Rest Pads
HDRPHomeowner's Disaster Recovery Program (Harris County, TX)
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Based on Tellabs' advanced HDRP (high-density RISC processor) technology, the bi-directional EC Duo 8000 echo canceller provides the core platform for a set of powerful software tools that optimize levels in a call by distinguishing a caller's voice from background noise -- equivalent to amplifying the caller's speech.
Coherent's latest echo canceller uses advanced HDRP (High Density RISC Processor) technology for superior echo control on both PSTN (hybrid) and mobile (acoustic) echo paths, providing a universal solution for wireless echo control applications.
The HDRP is the result of an intensive two year development program conducted by Coherent.