HDRSHamilton Depression Rating Scale
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Total scores and scores of suicide item in HDRS were compared between the patients with and without suicide attempt and no statistically significant difference was found between the two groups in the HDRS total scores (p>.
Major finding: Response rates in patients with depression duration less than 10 years and HDRS score of less than 21 were 46.
Assessment was conducted with the BDI and the HDRS at pre- and posttreatment and at three-month and two-year follow-up.
Although the HDRS cannot be used diagnostically (Kaplan & Sadock, 1998:560) it provides useful information regarding the intensity of depression.
HDRS scores of 8-13 indicate mild depression, scores of 14-18 indicate moderate depression, scores of 19-22 indicate severe depression, and scores of 23 or above indicate very severe depression.
N=72 SADS HDRS -1997 69% (-/18,2%) Winter y N=94 Gitlin (2007) 100% CES-D (-8,7%) Zanetti et al.
Performance materials for the tire industry are presented in this four-page, four color brochure, including Zeosil HDS and HDRS high performance silicas for tire tread, Lyndcoat ready-to-use tire release products for high performance tire production, Polyamide 6.
13] Instruments used included the HDRS, The Visual Analogue Mood Scale, the PES and the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE).
There were 4 (5%) patients with high (>13) HDRS scores at the first assessment and 8 (13%) patients with high HDRS scores at the second assessment.
20) developed the CDSS, which was derived from the HDRS and Present State Examination (PSE).
Those in the tryptophan-fluoxetine group had greater improvements in mood than those receiving placebo (as shown by HDRS scores).
The company's products include high performance silicas for high performance tires; Zeosil HDS and HDRS for high performance tire tread; polyamide 6,6 high tenacity yarn for high performance tire cord and cap ply; ready-to-use Lyndcoat tire release products for higher performance tire production; and Supersol high performance lubricants for wet steel cord drawing.