HDSAHuntington's Disease Society of America
HDSAHistorically Disadvantaged South Africans
HDSAHelp Desk Senior Analyst (job title)
HDSAHuronia District Soccer Association
HDSAHuman Development in South Asia (living standards report; Human Development Foundation)
HDSAHigher Diploma in Systems Analysis (est. 1996; National University of Ireland, Galway; Galway, Ireland)
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Market Analysis III-1 HDSA Brings about Improved Medicare Funding for Huntington's Disease III-1 GINA for Reducing Discrimination Faced by People with HD III-1 Strategic Corporate Developments III-2 Select Players III-4 B.
skills base of HDSAs in order to serve the community.
Support groups and educational materials are available at both the local and national level through the HDSA.
212) The investors contend that the forced divestiture of their investment to HDSAs is a denial of fair and equitable treatment and that they are being discriminated against through treatment less favorable than that given to HDSAs.
I hope the HDSA can unite the vendors and the large end-users.
The primary high-density storage vendors have already expressed a keen interest in participating as charter members of the HDSA, as have several enterprise end users and government agencies.
Contributions in his name may be made to Huntington's Disease Society of America HDSA, New England Office, 6 Boston Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824, or to Camp Wellville, c/o Rollstone Congregational Church, 199 Main St.
The Zynga community's recognition of the important work of the HDSA Coalition for the Cure and the needs of the HD community, is truly exceptional," said HDSA chief executive officer Louise Vetter.
HD THERAPEUTICS MARKET TRENDS II-7 Companies Boost R&D Spending for HD Therapeutics II-7 Improved Diagnostics Fueling Interest of Companies in HD Research II-7 Support Organizations Play an Instrumental Role in HD Research and Awareness II-7 Public-Private Partnerships: A Shot in the Arm II-8 HD Research Attracts 'Big Pharma' Investment II-8 Pre-Symptomatic Patients to Expand Market Base II-8 HDSA Pushes for Improvement in Medicare Funding for Huntington's Disease II-9 GINA for Reducing Discrimination Faced by People with HD II-9
In lieu of flowers donations may be made to HDSA, New England Office, 6 Court Lane, Unit 12, Chelmsford Ma.
In lieu of flowers donations may be made in her memory to HDSA New England Office, 6 Courthouse Lane, Unit 12, Chelmsford, Ma.