HDSCHigh Density Signal Carrier
HDSCHydrometeorological Design Studies Center (US NOAA)
HDSCHazardous Material Distribution Support Center
HDSCHuntington's Disease Support Club
HDSCHybrid Document Scanner Camera
HDSCHitachi Data Systems Corporation (electronics company)
HDSCHeadphone Science
HDSCHigh Definition System Controller
HDSCHearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs (playing cards; mathematics problem solving)
HDSCHarwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club (UK)
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HDSC has recently entered into a new MoU with South West TAFE to integrate program delivery and expand student pathways.
The HDSC Index is a sophisticated assessment model that evaluates the business fundamentals, market strength, and service offerings of companies that depend on people to produce most of their revenue.
Our certification model lets us benchmark one company against comparable language services firms, against offshore providers providing a full range of engineering and localization offerings, and against the service firms that make up our own innovative HDSC Index.