HDSDIHigh Definition Serial Digital Interface
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The processor accepts a standard HDMI or HDSDI input in HD, and provides stereo output in a variety of formats: sequential, side-by-side, line-by-line, checkerboard, anaglyph or separate L/R signals.
The contract is for delivery, commissioning and automatic connection matrix digital signals SDSDI / HDSDI inputs of size 256/256 outputs working under a common matrix for all emission control and management system JUPITER Xpress processors installed on the CM4000, which has the Contracting Authority
To stream live with an HD camera and Internet connection requires an Apple MacBook Pro loaded with BitGravity encoding software, a PCI expansion card, and an HDMA or HDSDI source connected to BitGravity's network.
Baselight will also demonstrate the latest advances in "HDCAM-SR" workflows with 2X speed uncompressed HDSDI Ingest providing double-speed ingest or real-time 3D stereoscopic ingest capability.
The OE14-522 HD PATZ features analogue or digital / HDSDI video signal outputs and is supplied with the unique Kongsberg Maritime GUI, which can be simply interfaced with any USB Plug and Play Joystick for straightforward camera control.
The EqcoLogic products work with various standards including IEEE 1394 (FireWire), LVDS, Ethernet, HDSDI (for HD TV cameras), HDMI and, soon, USB 3.
Supply and installation of a 3G HDSDI video switcher made by Evertz with a EQX16-FR-XLINK mainframe and high system availability and redundancy.
Inputs include IEEE 1394, HDSDI, HDMI, BNC, RCA along with balanced stereo XLR audio inputs.
The system includes IP and DVB-ASI inputs with digital HDSDI outputs and offers broadcast quality audio featuring MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC-LC) and HE-AAC with parametric stereo.
ExtremeStor-DI PRO integrates the latest NVIDIA PCI Express Professional Graphics card with optional HDSDI Outputs.
Display input for RGB HV, SDI, RGB, YUV, YC, Composite, PAL/NTSC, VGA overlay (HDTV and HDSDI optional)