HDSTHigh Density Sludge Treatment (mining)
HDSTHybrid Dynamical Systems Theory
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Although retrospective analysis of the HDST in a large adult population showed a marked interdependence of the basal cortisol concentration, peak cortisol concentration, and increases in serum cortisol concentration (14), criteria that require a minimum increment in serum cortisol (13) are considered invalid because individuals who have a lower basal serum cortisol concentration because of recent ACTH deficiency may be maximally stimulated by the HDST and thus able to further increase cortisol secretion.
We studied 17 patients (14 females and 3 males; age range, 18-46 years) with suspected primary adrenal dysfunction that was subsequently ruled out via a normal cortisol response on the HDST.
HDST could have a segmented, deployable 12-meter mirror, be outfitted with cameras and spectrographs that cover the wavelength range from the near-infrared all the way into the UV, and leave the launch pad in the mid-2030s.