HDTMHorizon Digital Terrestrial Meter (product)
HDTMHalf-Duplex Transmission Module (X.25)
HDTMHazine ve Dis Ticaret Müstesarligi
HDTMHeading, Depth, Temperature Module
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Summary: HTC Desire HDTM and HTC Desire ZTM offer more engaging interface and enhanced HD-quality display; features HTCSense.
Products that have demonstrated adherence to the Simplay HD(TM) Test Specification in testing by Silicon Image's wholly-owned subsidiary, Simplay Labs, LLC, can be identified with the Simplay HDTM logo and are listed on the Simplay HD website ( http://www.
Our targeted offerings for each key market segment, like Spatializer UltraMobile HDTM and Spatializer ((environ))3GTM are compelling whole product solutions that focus on the specific needs of each of these platforms.
Cobra Electronics, CDR 855 BT Drive HDTM Dash Cam by Cobra