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HDTVHigh Definition Television
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One of the big buys every year is HDTVs and this Nov.
com company and then selling it to Yahoo, is far ahead of the HDTV curve already.
The solutions will include Conexant's Fusion PCI video and broadcast TV decoders and RAVISENT's CineMaster HDTV, an all-software, all-format HDTV decoder capable of supporting full frame rate HDTV on most commercially available PCs.
3-billion HDTV program that included federal grants, loan guarantees, infant-industry nurturing, and guaranteed procurement contracts to promote prototype development and commercialization.
This report examines the worldwide availability of HDTV services and discusses the market and technology challenges facing today's high-definition service deployments.
In its most glorious iteration, the 1080i format, HDTV will bring extraordinarily sharp pictures to homes across the country, far better than even the best television screens showing in the long-used NTSC analog format.
In this deployment of NTT Electronics' MPEG-2 HDTV Encoder HE3100, video images from Spring Training will be distributed to Japanese television networks and American sports networks via satellite in a process called Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and via fiber-optic lines.
MicroDisplay Corporation announced today from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that industry stalwarts AKAI and Memorex have signed on as customers of MicroDisplay's HDTVs, powered by MicroDisplay's unique and proprietary 1080p LCOS digital projection imaging technology.
As HD programming and HDTV becomes increasingly mainstream, we're confident that Olevia will continue successfully showcasing all that the technology and ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD have to offer for viewers.
Comparison benchmarks performed by market makers confirm that Let It Wave's display controller provides a far better HDTV viewing experience, achieving the level of picture quality the industry has been seeking.