HDZHrvatska Demokratska Zajednica (Croatian Democratic Union)
HDZHarbin Development Zone (China)
HDZHillside Development Zone (Arizona)
HDZHealth Disparity Zones (diabetes)
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The HDZ 1990 will stand up responsibly and fiercely against the bad policy , as our people expect from us.
La HDZ declare que la preparation des lois releve toute entiere du parti au pouvoir et ne necessite pas de consensus au Parlement, ni meme de debat.
Similarly, the most popular Croat party in BiH, HDZ is an offshoot of the same party in Croatia.
The conservative alliance HDZ favours a tougher stance than its main rival on the migrant issue, seeking stricter border controls to manage the flow of people crossing the small Adriatic state of 4.
Many scholars emphasize a direct link between the Catholic Church and HDZ in the creation of a nationalist euphoria in Croatia and B&H (Powers 1996; Ramet 1996; Cohen 1998; Mojzes 1998; Sells 1998; Vrcan 2001; Bellamy 2002;).
This was followed by: "Free Palestine, Leon HDZ was here.
Interestingly, the general government deficit was relatively low during the HDZ years, especially if the distorted expenditure-revenue structure of the budget is taken into account.
The President of the EPP group, Joseph Daul (France), welcomed the news that the HDZ party took six out of the twelve seats.
The first was Branimir Glavas, a member of HDZ, who by doing so opposed the official stance of his governing party.
The Bosniak SDA, the Croat HDZ and the Serb SDS, renowned for their nationalistic policies, have lost traditional support throughout BiH (see Figure 2).
The prosecutions have been opposed by the core of the Croatian government, the ruling HDZ party, and veteran organizations, who have protested at every stage of the trials.
The ruling conservative CroatianDemocratic Union, or HDZ, lost amid public anger about corruption scandals, declining living standards and high unemployment, the Voice of America said.