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HEAHigher Education Act of 1965
HEAHigh Energy Astrophysics
HEAHappily Ever After
HEAHigher Education Authority
HEAHigher Education Academy (York, UK)
HEAHealth Education Authority
HEAHydroxyethyl Acrylate
HEAHousehold Economy Approach
HEAHabitat Equivalency Analysis (placing a value on natural resources damaged for compensation)
HEAHockey East Association
HEAHumanitarian and Emergency Affairs (World Vision)
HEAHealth Effects Assessment
HEAHyperion Electronics Assembly
HEAHyundai Electronics of America
HEAHomeowners Education Association, LLC
HEAHuman Engineering Assessment
HEAHead-End Assembly
HEAHalifax Estate Agencies Ltd. (UK)
HEAHybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
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How these ideas translate into the final HEA will be important in judging the effects on institutional credit quality.
In the absence of Congressional language authorizing application of HEA to Social Security offsets, the district court concluded that the specific limitations in DCIA prevail.
Warren says reauthorization of the HEA is important not only for funding but also because of "the regulatory issues that tend to follow" whenever the measure is renewed.
Finally, NASFAA recommends that the reauthorized HEA direct the Secretary of Education to conduct a study of alternative measurements of institutional need for campus-based funds considering factors such as distribution of EFCs, state grants, institutional grants (need and non-need based), the distribution of full-time and part-time students, and tuition discounts.
However, the HEA does not require 'diverse perspectives' in regards to the funding of university programs- 'variety in programming must reflect scholarly judgement, not subjective political conditions about what is 'pro-' or 'anti-' Israel or anything else', said The Huffington Post.
While the audience of college presidents and chancellors sipped coffee and picked at their bacon and eggs, Wheelan, president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, said a reauthorized HEA could be very hard to swallow.
Kathy is very involved in her education association and serves on the HEA Board of Directors.
He said: "Every member of staff at Huddersfield who holds a substantive teaching role is now a Fellow of the HEA.
As such, based on land cover and slope gradient, a more straightforward definition of HEA can be obtained.
HEA was provided in two 1-hour sessions focusing on "gentle controlled movement" of the neck and shoulder joints, neck retraction, extension, flexion, rotation, lateral bending, and scapular retraction.
Notably, HEA is a functional monomer whose copolymers are also useful as biomaterials (14-17).
Although major reauthorizations, such as the HEA bill of 2008, are intended to be fairly comprehensive evaluations of all programs in a bill, some significant changes can be made to legislation in oilier years if support is in place.