HEAAHigh Explosive Anti-Armor
HEAAHigher Education Assistance Authority
HEAAHome Equity Explanation and Agency Agreement
HEAAHarvard Extension Alumni Association (Cambridge, MA)
HEAAHigher Education Access Alliance (Colorado)
HEAAHigher Education Access Act of 2007
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This table5 reveals that the value of objective function of RABC is better than the DEDS, DELC, HEAA, MDE, ABC and little higher the PSO-DE.
HEAA improves the health of women by promoting evidence-based sex education programs and increasing access to contraceptive products.
HEAA takes the most comprehensive approach to health disparities elimination by providing Federal resources, policies, and infrastructure to eliminate health disparities, with a focus on racial and ethnic minorities, and others that face additional barriers based on immigration status, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and English proficiency.
3] IPE 0,7885 2,3210 0,8411 1,6572 HEB 100-300 0,2639 2,2917 0,4933 1,6467 HEAA 100-280 0,4947 2,2932 0,6752 1,6472 Table 2.
HEAA aims at creating viable and sustainable home economics associations in the African region by strengthening program networks in a way, which provide opportunities for members to implement program activities in a decentralized way.