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HEADSHigher Education Arts Data Services (Reston, VA)
HEADSHome Education Activities Drugs Sexual Activity (adolescent risk assessment)
HEADSHome Entertainment and Decor Systems (North Carolina)
HEADSHelping Every Animal Downriver Society (Trenton, MI)
HEADSHourglass Educational Arts Development Services (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England, UK)
HEADSHelp, Education, Activities, Discussions, Socialisation
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Then you will no longer be ashamed because your big strong bodies have such teenty-weenty heads.
Then a head showed itself over the rock and the same voice said, "This hill belongs to us, and we don't allow anyone to cross it.
I was at a dealer's once, who was training me and another horse to go as a pair; he was getting our heads up, as he said, a little higher and a little higher every day.
said the Queen, tossing her head impatiently; and, turning to Alice, she went on, `What's your name, child?
But they should be taught not to take white men's heads," Sheldon argued.
But Ngurn's father, wrapped in decaying grass-matting and hanging even then over their heads among the smoky rafters of the devil-devil house, had held otherwise.
Molly pursued her victory, and catching up a skull which lay on the side of the grave, discharged it with such fury, that having hit a taylor on the head, the two skulls sent equally forth a hollow sound at their meeting, and the taylor took presently measure of his length on the ground, where the skulls lay side by side, and it was doubtful which was the more valuable of the two.
They were evidently taking the heads from the sailors aft.
One of the two heads crawling about on the ground now approached.
These heads were kept in what she called her "cabinet," which was a beautiful dressing-room that lay just between Langwidere's sleeping-chamber and the mirrored sitting-room.
From the lofty cross-beams, on long sennit strings, hung the heads of enemies taken aforetime in jungle raid and sea foray.
Consider that the whale has nothing that can properly be called a neck; on the contrary, where his head and body seem to join, there, in that very place, is the thickest part of him.