HEAFHarlem Educational Activities Fund (New York, NY)
HEAFHigher Education Assistance Fund (Texas)
HEAFHigher Education Assistance Foundation
HEAFHigh Efficiency Air Filter
HEAFHigh Explosives Application Facility
HEAFHealth Enterprise Architecture Framework (Rwanda)
HEAFHigh Expectations Asian Father
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Both HEAF and NYU-Poly are recognized leaders in educating underserved communities.
As President Obama recently stated in his State of the Union address and has reinforced through his Administration's Educate to Innovate campaign, we need to better equip students for the demands of a high-tech economy," said Ruth Rathblott, president and CEO of HEAF.
We are delighted to partner with HEAF to provide our STEM curriculum to their students and introduce the field of engineering in the context of urban systems and sustainability," said Ben Esner, director of the Center for K12 STEM Education at NYU-Poly.
HEAF reaches out to students at an early age to spark their interest in attending and completing college.
Yinette Fernandez, a HEAF alum and HEAF mentor, says, "I knew I was going to attend college; I just needed the guidance and support to help me through the process of getting there.
Yet, with all of the HEAF accomplishments to date, Moss Lee says there is still much to be done.
HEAF decided to run a grass-roots, one-on-one campaign rather than a public debate with heavy advertising and media exposure.
On election day, HEAF established shuttles to the polls to ensure that every employee who needed a ride could get one.
Now in its sixth year, having touched the lives of well over 1,000 children, HEAF has a record of solid accomplishment that augurs well for the future.
The school was desperately in need of help; and its single positive factor was a new principal with vision, energy and a desire to work with HEAF.
HEAF retained a library scientist from Teachers College, Columbia University to redesign the library, completely restocking its shelves with current books, reference materials, periodicals and newspapers.
HBSCNY's decision to fund HEAF makes sense, given its previous support of the organization through the HBSCNY Community Partners initiative, which matches Harvard Business School graduates with nonprofit organizations for the purpose of providing pro bono consulting to organizations looking to increase their capacity for larger social impact on the communities that they serve.