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HEALHealthy Eating and Active Living (Canada)
HEALHealth Education Assistance Loans
HEALHuman Ecology Action League
HEALHealth Education and Adult Literacy
HEALHuman Exposure Assessment Location (EPA)
HEALHealth Education AIDS Liaison-NYC
HEALHealth Economics Analysis Letters
HEALHelping Endure Infant Loss (University of Connecticut Health Center)
HEALHealing Emotionally Abused Lives
HEALHealth Education Alternative Learning
HEALHanford Environmental Action League
HEALHospital and Emergency Ambulance Link (Singapore)
HEALHistory Exam Assessment Layout
HEALHealing Events Artistic Language (Laguna Beach, CA)
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I took another sheep, and made a thing of pain and fear and left it bound up to heal.
He remembered how for months, trusting in what they told him, he had implored God to heal him as He had healed the Leper and made the Blind to see.
The mother's wounded spirit could not could not heal.
A spiritual wound produced by a rending of the spiritual body is like a physical wound and, strange as it may seem, just as a deep wound may heal and its edges join, physical and spiritual wounds alike can yet heal completely only as the result of a vital force from within.
Why do you, who heal others, refuse to help my son?
which I am quite unable to explain), the wound obstinately refused to heal.
Physician, heal thyself: then wilt thou also heal thy patient.
On the other hand, respected Christian healing ministries teach that God heals in many different ways, including through medical doctors, psychologists and therapists of all kinds.
Some typical examples include self-healing coatings that retain their pristine appearance even when scratched; satellite components (including seals currently used in the International Space Station); self-healing snow goggles that heal shallow surface scratches overnight; underground polymer pipes; self-healing car interiors that look "as good as new" for many years; covers for IC chips; coatings on train windows; and self-restoring score cards on firing ranges.
Pilch's analysis is further weakened, says Weissenrieder, by noting that in Luke 17:11-19 Jesus does not heal lepers by touching or embracing them; this is a feature of the healing story at 5:13.
It's not unheard of for these injuries to never heal normally.
In How Can I Heal What Hurts, the reader will learn to understand their problems and heal themselves, and also gain knowledge of ways in which the reader may be helped to heal through Complimentary/ Alternative Medicine (CAM).