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HEARHawaiian Ecosystems At Risk Project
HEARHearing Education and Awareness for Rockers
HEARHistoric American Engineering Record
HEARHospital Emergency Administrative Radio (communication system)
HEARHealth Enrollment Assessment Review
HEARHospital Emergency Ambulance Radio (Missouri ambulances & hospitals frequency; 155.34 MHz)
HEARHigher Education Access Route
HEARHigh Eruric Acid Rapeseed
HEARHome Education Associational Resources
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Ma'am," addressing her, "do you hear what Miss Woodhouse is so obliging to say about Jane's handwriting?
I am delighted, he replied, to hear you say so, and shall begin by speaking, as I proposed, of the nature and origin of justice.
This, I think, when you hear it from my own mouth, will make you wonder at so much baseness and ingratitude.
He said something more, but Rostov did not wait to hear it and rode away.
Let me hear nothing more, until I can rejoice with you that your husband is found.
While the old man told this story, Raoul looked at Christine's blue eyes and golden hair; and Christine thought that Lotte was very lucky to hear the Angel of Music when she went to sleep.
Mosey to have a second opportunity of drawing her own inferences from what she might hear in Miss Letitia's room.
and they had to speak loud in order to hear themselves.
The instant he had consented to hear her her mind awakened to the serious necessity of averting discovery by any third person who might stray idly into the summer-house.
There was no sound within the house, there was no sound near them; but far away on the lagoon they could hear the voices of the boatmen ringing fitful and distinct on the calm water.
The young fellows saw all this going on, but did not hear the two of them say anything to each other.
I don't wish to hear you tell your servants to close the door on this friendless creature.