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HEARTHuman Employment And Resource Training (Jamaica)
HEARTHumane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team (Spokane, Washington)
HEARTHardened Electronics And Radiation Technology
HEARTHumane Equine Aid and Rapid Transport
HEARTHealing and Early Afterload Reduction Therapy
HEARTHome Educated and Righteously Trained
HEARTHuman Error Assessment Reduction Technique
HEARTHome Education After Righteous Teaching (Florida)
HEARTHelp Encourage Animal Responsibility Today
HEARTHampton Emergency Amber Response Team (Hampton, VA)
HEARTHeroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act of 2008
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They sometimes mistake mild arrhythmia, or rhythm disruption, for a deadly spasm and shock the heart unnecessarily, causing pain but no permanent harm.
Happy Valentine's Day, honey,'' Jay said, taking the four-carat diamond heart from his wife's hand - a heart he had bought her for Valentine's Day years earlier.
We believe this is related to physicians not recognizing that women are at high risk of cardiovascular disease when, in fact, they are," says Lori Mosca, MD, PhD, director of the preventive-cardiology program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the Columbia University Center for Heart Disease Prevention in Manhattan.
It wasn't long before she started experiencing classic symptoms of a heart attack.
Usually a diagnosis of heart failure is effectively made by medical history and physical examination alone, but in cases where the clinical picture is not straightforward, a lab test developed last July can help.
Let's take a step back first to understand why and how the heart works.
First, the surgeons sliced out all but the upper chambers (atria) of the patient's diseased heart, where they stitched two connective rings.
During a heart attack, a clot blocks the flow of blood to the heart.
To my knowledge," Pope says, "this is the first time we have been able to show that environmental tobacco smoke--[ETS, or] passive smoke--creates changes in heart rate variability.
Some Catholics may remember First Friday observances, the "enthronement" of the Sacred Heart in their homes--the consecration of a family to the Sacred Heart--and the litany (not to exclude the ever-popular Sacred Heart Auto League).
Without oxygen, the heart muscle--and possibly its owner dies.
Depression may make it harder to take the medications needed and to carry out the treatment for heart disease.