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HECTICHigher Education Consultation in Technologies of Information and Communication (European Union; est. 2000)
HECTICHigher Education Cooperation through Internet Communication (listserve)
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Every one need not be hectic and crisscrossing the country to proclaim the Good News.
The SummerTyne Americana Festival continues in similar hectic vein throughout the weekend with Saturday's Jumpin' Hot Outdoor Stage kicking off at 12 noon on Saturday.
Those keen on reading the entire Quran despite hectic schedules will benefit from a daily MMS with the day's verses, easily accessible on their phones whenever they find time.
ADAM Roynon is rebuilding his career with a hectic speedway schedule.
Sympathy for hard-pressed Lizzie who barely had time to fit a sunbed session into her hectic dusting schedule.
It could be a hectic month for the side for, if the weather holds and they reach the second round of the Trophy, Mark Cooper's men could have eight or nine games in January.
Summary: Prominent Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi has recent left to France to spend a short vacation to relax and escape from her hectic life
KARAK, July 1 -- A teenager boy drowned in the Zebi dam and the local divers after hectic efforts fished out his body.
Summary: British actor Max Ryan has landed on his feet but entered a hectic world following his role in the Sex and the City 2 film.
SPEAKING after the hearing Daniel Slinn's wife Lisa said leading a "busy hectic life" was no excuse for the standard of driving that had deprived her daughters of their father.
3 : showing great emotion or activity : hectic <.
She then faces a hectic few weeks as she bids to force her way into the reckoning for the women's European Cup in Vaasa, Finland on June 23/24.