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HECTORHeterogeneous Computer Together (IBM)
HECTORHealth and Environmental Care Technical Organisation (Belgium)
HECToRHigh End Computing Terascale Resource (UK National High Performance Computing Resource)
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Forthwith he came upon his brother Hector, who was then turning away from the place where he had held converse with his wife, and he was himself the first to speak.
My good brother," answered Hector, "you fight bravely, and no man with any justice can make light of your doings in battle.
Maybe Hector doesn't think about the direction of his paint.
Upon delivery, the Gener8 Hector entered Navig8 Group's VL8 Pool.
Hector, who is covering for Ian Dempsey, will join the weekend schedule in August with Hector's Sunday Sitting Room, from 4-7pm.
A chance meeting in Glasgow sets Hector off to Newcastle and London in search of his estranged family.
Sir Hector will be applying his expertise and providing advice to ADGM on various areas of business including formulation of its regulatory strategy, framework and rules, the provision of strategic guidance and input on ADGM's overall development including policies, human capital build out and business development as well as engagement of key institutions.
Just a day later, Hector the bear was misplaced during a day out at Dubai Mall.
Hector was a smash hit with the Dons and manager Derek McInnes is hopeful he can persuade Adkins to allow him to return for the rest of the season.