HEDCDepartment of Housing, Economic Development and Commerce (New Jersey)
HEDCHartford Economic Development Commission (est. 1999; Hartford, CT)
HEDCHighly Economically Developed Country
HEDCHousing and Economic Development Corporation (National Development Council)
HEDCHarvard Eating Disorders Center
HEDCHigh Energy Density Capacitor (energy source)
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8220;The ruling by the Denver District Court is a victory for entrepreneurs and their partners,” said Brandon Davis, chief executive officer of HEDC.
With a young, abundant and trainable workforce, and a low cost of living, in addition to our pro-business environment and quality of place, it makes sense for this project and other businesses to locate facilities in Harlingen," stated Rick Ledesma, HEDC Board Chariman.
Conjointly, all previous license agreements between HDS and HEDC, including the August 15, 2011 Back Bay License and the September 2, 2011 Supplement, have been terminated and superseded in their entirety by today's license.
HEDC is selling BRI 17%, or approximately 1/3, of HEDC's current working interest in the 3A well, for an aggregate purchase price of $68,000.
HEDC is indirectly a beneficial owner of the majority of the Company's fully diluted common stock and is controlled by the Company's officers.
NDC received the fourth highest award this year, which places NDC's HEDC New Markets, Inc, in the top 10 percent of NMTC program recipients.
In presenting the TOP 100 award to HEDC, Rick Blesi, publisher of Construction Equipment magazine, said that the new Caterpillar 320C represents a significant stride forward in its overall design, especially in the area of hydraulics, electronics and controllability.