HEDLPHigh Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
HEDLPHigh Energy Density Laboratory Physics
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These awards embody the breadth of research in HEDLP science, ranging from the study of magnetized astrophysical jets to large-scale simulation of kinetic laser-plasma interactions, including the areas of high energy density hydrodynamics, nonlinear optics of plasmas, relativistic high energy density plasma and intense beam physics, magnetized high energy density plasma physics, radiation-dominated dynamics and materials properties, warm dense matter, diagnostics and community development.
The OFES had recently completed a competitive bid selection for new work in HEDLP that could have included funding for the NDCX-II, but OFES has now indicated that no work will be funded based on that solicitation.
A second charge is given to FESAC in a March 6 letter (jointly signed by Orbach and NNSA Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Thomas D'Agostino) requesting that FESAC "work with the HEDLP (High Energy Density Laboratory Plasma) community to provide information that will inform a scientific roadmap for the joint (OFES-NNSA) HEDLP program in the next decade or so.