HEDP1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid (organophosphoric acid corrosion inhibitor)
HEDPHigh-Explosive Dual-Purpose
HEDPHigher Education for Development Program (USAID)
HEDPHome Equity Diversification Plan (mortgage)
HEDPHigh-Energy-Density Physics
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The HEDP round can detonate in two ways--upon impact of the intended target or in a delay mode where it will penetrate a target, then detonate at a pre-determined time.
Its Mercury HEDP not only allows one to reach targets at ranges of 800 metres, but its bigger warhead with a fragmentation sleeve increased fragmentation by 45%.
Most rocket weapons and recoilless rifles are limited to HEAT or HEDP warheads.
The 83-mm-calibre reusable rocket launcher was largely based on Israel Military Industries' B-300 and, in the late 1990s its ammunition range was complemented by a new round, the Mk 3 Mod 0 HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose), the fuse of which detonates the warhead at the optimum moment according to the target, allowing it to be effective against light armour as well as against brick and concrete walls.
ST Kinetics Supply 40 mm HV HEDP & HV F&B ammunition
These funds will be applied toward the joint HEDP program.
He said the central question to both HEDP and fusion is "How can heavy ion beams be compressed to the high intensities required for creating high energy density matter and fusion?
The HEDP will use an Investment Project Financing (IPF) instrument based on the Results-basedfinancing (RBF) modality.
The objective 40-mm Airburst Family comprises the Mk 285 round (which was qualified in 2006), an improved M430 HEDP round and a Programmable Training Round that provides a visible airburst signature.
The resulting 4 nanosecond pulse puts heavy ion beams, for the first time, within range of the pulse lengths necessary for meaningful HEDP experiments and for fusion power application.